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Dover 620

This camera has to be one of the strangest I own. It's rather large, but the bakelite polished up nicely along with the chrome so it really stands out when you carry it around. THe coolest thing is its lens with the two attached filters, one portraand one skylight, that slide across the lens. other than that, there's not much to it, and you do have to find 620 film rather than 120, which is why I haven't used it that much.

According to McKeown's Price Guide To Antique & Classic Cameras: "Dover 620A - c1950. A plastic & chrome camera for 16 exp. 4.5x6cm on 620 film. Body design based on failed "Speed-O-Matic" camera. Somco f9 meniscus lens. 5 rotary disc stops. Single-speed shutter. Built-on flash.