Lubitel 166

This medium format twin-lens reflex camera was manufactured in Russia by LOMO; the Lubitel 166 Universal from 1984-1998 and is the final model, having a film insert that allows 4.5 x 6 pictures in addition to 4 x 4. It takes 120 film, and is made all of plastic, except for the lens, and costs around $40. The Lubitels use 120 film, feature Cooke triplet, all-glass lenses and shutter speeds can be set from Bulb to 1/250 of a second. Apertures vary from f/4.5 to f/22. These characteristics are closer to those of an amateur TLR of the fifties than a toy or disposable camera.

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This is the Lubitel 166-B which was made since 1980, also plastic and not much different than the 166. I picked this up at a camera show just because I like Lubitels, and haven't had a chance to shoot with it yet.