This plastic camera takes 120 film for classic square format "toy camera" images, which are unpredictable, andusually have vignetting with a clear spot somewhere on the picture. They're more readily available and reasonable priced than a Diana; I got mine at the ICP Store in NYC.

As you can see, my Holga looks rather well-used. It still has remnants of silver paint, from when I decided to make it look as if it hadcome out of the Apple Store, (see below) but the paint job proved to be

rather impractical since I had silver paint on my hands every time I used it. You may also noticed a 55mm lens coupler glued onto the front, which I use for wide-angle and close-up adapters.

You can find lots more information and examples of Holga work on the web. Click here to see some of mine.

This is how a new Holga looks.

This is my short-lived "iHolga", before I scrubbed the paint off.